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If you are planning to become a certified Self Defence Instructor to teach independently or thinking for the best ways to add a special new program to your school ‘s existing training , give your students a world-class and most realistic self-defence training; then becoming a CSD instructor is the exact choice for you.

This is a specialized program developed to generate people from different / Law-enforcement / Security industry to switch in to a professional modern day part time/ fulltime reality based self-defence instructor’s carrier approved by World Combat Self Defense Federation, USA. The four day long training aims to make the best use of participants existing experience and this CSD highly acclaimed and methodically designed training channel taking them to become a CERTIFIED SELF DEFENCE INSTRUCTOR. This training also shall create opportunity to open and run CSD premiere brand self-defence school independently and enable the qualified delegate to teach CSD in the framework of their own locations and use it as an additional programme to increase their streams of income with social presence fulfilling one’s dream. Additionally one may become a CSD merchandise dealer and for the experienced shall have a scope to enrich their profile /designation as National or Regional representative or Director /Ambassador as well. World’s leading defensive tactics trainer Grand Master Dr.Mak Yuree, President -WCSDF shall personally conduct the course, assisted by International Martial Arts exert and film actress Sensei Zara Phythian.


8th, 9th, 10th and 11th June, 2011


7th-(11am to 5pm), 8th & 9th –(9am to 6pm), 10th-(9am to 2pm)


London, UK.

Cost :

This four day course shall cost GBP 850 if pre-registered by 21st Sept,2010 and on door GBP 985 only. For law-enforcement /Police / Correction dept. GBP 650 pre-registered and on door-790.

Pre-register for a discount price and book your spot now , due to the nature of the training places are limited.

Course Organizer :

World Combat Self Defense Federation (WCSDF)


Call Now: 0800-2550-CSD

This certification is way beyond than learning the so called techniques only rather shall also cover scientific personal protection principals, Analytical approach more from security point of view rather than the regular martial Arts, Human psychophysical aspects of self defence, Dealing Fear, Threat , De-escalation, Realistic dangers etc and added Marketing / Business strategies/plans.

CSD course participants will come to know actually how to deal real life situation that they may encounter . From a low level aggressive confrontation over some small disagreement up to serious life threatening situations, WCSDF curriculum maintains the high standard to offer credible training that will stand up to the pressure of reality.

WHAT IS CSD : “Combat Self Defense” is a tactical defensive control measure plays effective role in close quarter engagement scenario held between two or more persons in an bare handed or hand held weapon struggles. CSD system is a natural instinct based easy to learn, simple to understand for the brain to retain and effectively perform during the time of need under stress. CSD principals scientifically defines to suit modern day life style and teaches measures for all age and fitness level with contemporary legal awareness.

The CSD specialized personal protection measure scientifically designed to prepare an individual to effectively deal any situation and gain control through realistic approaches and technical measures based on scientific principles , values of real life experiences and professional security point of view. CSD self defence courses comprising of battle tested techniques and tactics taught as means of defence against real-world threats and potentially dangerous situations, possible to be commonly faced by the trainees in their time and place. The CSD curriculum effectively covers developing biomechanical advantage, situational awareness, Scientific principles of psycho-physical techniques, body language, verbal signals, winning Combat strategies etc,

Besides the four day Comprehensive all round training as an CSD instructor every successful participants shall receive:

a) One World-Class Instructor’s Certificate.
b) CSD Instructor’s Licence to operate.
c) A five million pound insurance which will cover countries outside UK also*.
d) Placement of Name and Photo in CSD official website as authenticated and registered Instructor.
e) Free Membership certificate of World Combat Self Defense Federation (WCSDF).
f) One CSD Coat pin.
g) One WCSDF wall mat.
h) Instructor’s ID of World Combat Self Defense Federation can be availed on request*.
i) Instructional / Marketing Materials and guidelines in easy to use digital form.

For more information on this event and to book your place

please contact on 0800-2550-CSD.